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When the borders closed in 2016, over 2000 children found themselves trapped in a foreign country, in hostile, inappropriate environments. To this day thousands still remain in precarious situations. 

NMW committed to support these children since the start. We have forged important partnerships to identify and support innovative solutions of alternative care, that approach the needs of these children in a holistic respectful way. 

Since 2016, we have supported a number of projects for unaccompanied minors all over Greece and have advocated to raise awareness on the issue all over Europe. 


Our long-standing partnership with METAdrasi, Hilton Humanitarian Prize Laureate, has given us the opportunity to support critical projects at their start to help them take off. 

- Read more on the first ever bilateral relocation program organised between METAdrasi  and Portugal, we supported in 2016.



- Read more on METAdrasi's Supported Independent Living facilities we helped fund in 2018-2019 for young teenagers where they get the support and life skills to be able to become independent. 

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