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​​We treat all as equals, securing their right to dignity and respect. When needed, we aim at alleviating suffering and restoring dignified living conditions. 

We provide our support to everyone irrespective of their nationality, race, religion, or political point of view. 


We aim for long term change and engage in projects that can have a lasting effect. We use local resources to strengthen the economy and bonds of the community as well as ensure most efficient use of our donors’ support. 


We aim to always involve those we serve in the decision making, design, implementation and evaluation of our projects. We use rigorous needs assessments, listen to the population and develop bottom up projects that address the real needs and bring maximum impact.  

We work together with like minded actors from the humanitarian sector, local community, authorities and Civil Society, to provide the most efficient and impactful results. We strive to avoid duplication of effort and resources and aim to establish synergies.We seek to support the organizations that do excellent work in their field and are solving issues we have prioritized. 


We research and monitor rigorously and focus on the projects that will bring maximum impact. 

We volunteer our time and use 100% of our donations directly on support projects. 

We ensure that our actions do no harm or accentuate a difficult situation. 


We are accountable to those we support and our donors. We remain transparent at all times and prioritize the needs of the people we serve, carefully making the most efficient choices that will bring maximum results.

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