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Walking is an intrinsic part of refugees’ and many migrants’ lives: both literally as they walk kilometers at a time and metaphorically as they have to cover a big cultural, attitudinal and psychological distance from their home country to their guest country. 


The journey is long and for a person who has sought refuge or a better life in a new country it never ends. A piece of home lives always inside and a big one has been left behind forever. 


Walking has been especially a part of the largest population movement in Europe since WWII. Refugees and migrants had to walk particularly long distances crossing mountains, lakes and countries. 


For the majority, the first official meeting with Europe was 70km into European soil on the island of Lesvos. Fleeing through Turkey and enduring a devastating sea crossing, they then had to walk, for 2-3 days over mountains, to get to the point where they would be first registered in Europe. 70km of shame for us Europeans, 70km of pain and suffering under the sun and with little supplies for those seeking safety.



70km that triggered the outburst:

No More Walking!

No More Walking was formed as a result of the effort to help make this world better. We are a small association, a group of people from all over Europe, who temporarily or more permanently found a second home away from home. During this transition we found obstacles but also helping hands, we know how it feels to put your home in boxes and move for a better life. We thankfully don’t know war, we don’t know social or religious persecution. It is our goal to help refugees, migrants and people in need with their new beginnings, wherever they might be. 

We want to also be a vehicle for those more fortunate to take the first step towards making this a better world and a constant support to small organisations or exceptional individuals that actively make our world a better place. 

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