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The support from around the world is amazing!

Since we started we have welcomed  visitors  from over 50 countries,  had requests for information on volunteering and donations from around the globe!

We would like to thank each and everyone of you, from the 2.5 year old Konstantinos who drew for our calendar to the individuals and companies that have been supporting us all the way.

A big thank you to our 300+ donors who have donated in the Just Cycling, Just Running and Just Hiking funds for Unaccompanied Minors, Socks or funds for socks, Funds for food for Moria Camp and Piraeus, funds for flour, funds for children's activities and establishment of playgrounds through our NMW calendar, School bags filled with toys and love for the OXY kids tent! We will never forget those smiles! Toys, trampolins, scouters and bicycles for the children, Emergency blankets.

A special thank you to our corporate donors who stepped up and helped people in their time of need. 

Brown Forman thank you for the Epic effort to support the refugees! You made Just Cycling happen, you donated 2'200 socks4chios and carried the word around the world!

Yes! Hotel Group for your significant support to the unaccompanied minors program of METAdrasi through the Just Cycling initiative!

PYRNA thank you for being there since the first desperate days of Piraeus, providing food.

AB Vassilopoulos, thank you for coming and immediately responding with an unprecedented donation to the Port of Piraeus volunteers!

Living in Luzern thank you for helping us spread the word and generous donations for tents at the Port of Piraeus, he necessary supplies in Camps Andravida and ALEXYL as well as the school in Chios. Your participation in Just Running has moved us all and has considerablz contibuted to the support of unaccompanied minors!

Insurance Guarantee Ltd thank you for the first socks we ever sent to warm 500 people!

Mental Group thank you for the warm Christmas present to 500 refugees arriving in Chios!

Alexiou Kosmopoulos you have been such a team! Thank you!

Sunny Sports Club for your amazing support with 60 boxes of relief items and hundreds of socks!

Swissns thank you for spreading the word and supporting us!

Education First, Luzern thank you for your delicious fundraiser and donation in socks and school supplies for the School in Chios!

Korakidis Stahis & SIA thank you for the special price that allows us to donate so many good quality socks!

Ekdoseis Kyrkos thank you for all your dedication in producing the calendar for us!

Together we are making a difference!


The NoMoreWalking Team

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