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This is how you can help



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Contribute to first costs: rent, utilities, educational costs of young adults.

The full amount of your donation will be used to subsidise part of running expenses. As per our donation policy, no cash is given directly to the young adults we are supporting.



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Be a part of a support network

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We all know that turning 18 years is just a change of number that does not magically provide you with all the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to thrive in life. This is particularly true for these youngsters who may not feel completely at home in their host countries and who may not still master the language.


So what can we do? NMW wishes to keep on supporting these youngsters with their yet new beginnings (this time, in adulthood!). This support can be provided in many different ways, including economic help, career advice and mentoring.

Please kindly note that donations are not yet tax deductible. Read our Donations policy.

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Since 2016, NMW has been supporting unaccompanied minors in Greece with their new beginnings.  Four years later, many of these young boys and girls have turned 18 years old and face yet another challenge: to support themselves in adulthood without the safety networks provided to minors.

Starting as a spark, someone to believe in them, encourage and support them, like every other youngster, we have seen many of them flourish and develop to achieve incredible things.

We call you to join us in lighting this spark! Let's not leave them unaccompanied again!

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