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As a provider of emergency aid, NMW aims to be flexible and meet real needs at scale

To do that we go to the source: people affected by crisis and grassroots organisations.

We choose to focus on one aid item a time allowing to scale our support. This way we achieve economies of scale, we target our donation requests and most importantly we provide those affected and their helpers the security they can rely on us to receive the specific items. 

Buying locally, also adds to the flexibility and supports the local economy.

Scaled focused projects in the past have included:

- Over 20'000 pairs of socks for arrivals on the islands of Lesvos and Chios.

- Over 25'000 diapers to cover the needs in camps of Chios island. 

- Tents for about 300 families in Athens and on the move. 

- 23 washing stations in camps and accommodation facilities in Northern Greece.

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