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Every child deserves a future. Education is the cornerstone of a healthy, happy, fulfilled life. Especially in emergency situations, it provides a sense of security an escape and an-albeit temporary- normalcy to the children.


We believe in giving every child this chance. NMW has supported children at school through:

School supplies

Lead the 100 Schultaschen Project in Luzern Switzerland which brought together three Non profit organisations to provide 1 in 2 Ukrainian children in Luzern with all the necessary supplies to start school. 


Non-formal education:

-Co ordinating the establishment of an 80 seat non formal education facility in a Camp in Greece. 

-School materials for children in camps and other vulnerable families.

- Financing two "Books on Wheels" mobile libraries for non-formal education providers.

-Supporting the publication of copies of the "Journey of Halima" book for refugee children.

-Contributing to the operating expenses of a non-formal education facility.

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