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We know it is important to know where your kindly donated money goes. It is important for us too that you know. Our donations’ policy is fully transparent and focuses on end use:

  • While our team is on the ground, donations are used directly by us to purchase items to support refugees.

  • No money is given to refugees.

  • No travel expenses are covered by donations, unless explicitly stated in a specific fundraiser due to the nature of the mission.

  • When our team is not on the ground we still purchase the required items ourselves, if possible in the affected location to support the local economy. If that is not possible, we buy items online or otherwise and send them. Only when an emergency need arises, or it is financially more efficient, will we donate money to a registered NGO subject to due diligence and personal meeting with our team while on the ground and always linked to a specific purpose.

  • We provide regular updates on where the funds are being spent through the webpage and Facebook page and have an open books policy towards any donors/potential donors requests.

*please kindly note that donations are not yet tax deductible, we are working towards this.

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